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Illustration of a white siamese kitten with a disapproving look on his face and a scrawny-looking mother cat holding a sparrow in her mouth, with the title 'The Spoilt Little Kitten'
Illustration with a caricature of Jun Qi telling a story and characters from the story filling a speech bubble over her head
Digitally painted floral design of overlapping pink and orange peonies, done in a slightly graphic and textured style inspired by batik and Chinese papercuts. The peonies are different hues of pink and orange, while the outlines are golden, and their overlapping parts are light blue and turquoise, against a golden background with a red pattern.
Digitally painted floral design of overlapping red hibiscuses, done in a slightly graphic and textured style inspired by batik and Chinese papercuts. The hibiscus are different hues of red and magenta, while the outlines are golden, and their overlapping parts are blue, against a background with a light pink pattern.
Digital painting of a cover for a children's book, titled 'The Fox who wanted Nine Golden Tails'. It shows a stylized red fox with its back arched downwards and its nine sparkling golden tails waving above its head and back, shimmering gold, pink, blue, and green. In the background a dark scaly shape with red har looms, and an eye can be seen. The title is written in gold on the cover. The style is textured with streamlined shapes.
Digital painting and poster design for my storytelling sessions at Bedok Library. It shows a caricature of me, hands gesturing as I tell a story to an audeince of children. The speech bubble that comes from my mouth are filled with the colorful characters from my various stories, surrounding the poster title: Storytime with Jun Qi, in English and Mandarin
Digital painting with chalk texture and batik-inspired style and motifs, of the young girl facing the viewer and breathing in the fragrance of herbs she is holding in her hands with her eyes close. The title is written in gold letters above her, and a colorful scent cloud wafts across the page, and there is a garden of plants in the background. A white cat with a red harness pokes its head from behind the scent cloud on the left of the page.
Digital painting with chalk texture and batik-inspired style and motifs, of a young girl with short curly hair, some tied up in a tuft on her head, floating behind bushes of blue pea flowers, following a scent cloud originating from the kitchen of her house where her grandma is cooking curry. Her mother, father, and their pet cat are standing at the front porch looking worried.
Digital painting with chalk texture and batik-inspired style and motifs, of a sequence of spot illustrations, against a background of dark blue with wavy textures and white circular batik motifs. In the first illustration a young girl with short, curly hair, some tied in a tuft above her head, is floating, following a cloud of scent, with arms outstretched as a white cat with a brown tail wearing a red harness comes bounding up joyfully towards her. In the second illustration, the girl kneels down in an embrace with the cat, while the scent cloud snakes around them, leading to the third illustration, where her mother and father also join in with the hug. The cat is a bit squeezed and uncomfortable.
Digital painting with chalk texture and batik-inspired style and motifs, of the young girl and her family gathered around a dining table in anticipation of a delicious dinner. The young girl is hugging her grandmother, who is wearing a dark blue cottom dress with white circular batik motifs. Her father has his arms on his hips, head lifted up as he sniffs and avours the delicious scent of food, while her mother is leaning forward on the table, also deeply breathing the scent in. The cat is sitting on the chair on the far left side of the scene, paws on the table and also delighting in the scent of the food. On the wooden dining table there is a pot of curry, a plate of blue-pea-colored agar agar jelly, a plate of pohpiah springrolls, a jug of lemongrass drink, and a stack of bowls and some chopsticks beside them. There are some potted plants (ferns and palms) in the background
Symmetrical Chinese papercut showing two kittens and two rabbits standing amongst blooming flowers admiring a butterfly mid-flight. The kittens are looking at the butterfly playfully.
A pair of Chinese papercuts of white fortune beckoning cats with a dark spot on their foreheads. They are surrounded with cherry blossoms and are holding a scroll with the Chinese word for 'prosperity'
Pair of Chinese papercuts, each showing a rabbit bounding upwards amidst orchid blossoms
Pair of Chinese papercuts showing a rabbit bounding over a tabby cat, within a circular frame, with the Chinese character for 'Spring' in the center, amidst lush bamboo and palm foliage
Short animated Chinese New Year greeting card showing Shan Shan and Friends bounding upwards and greeting a happy year of the rabbit as flowers blossom
Digital painting of Shan Shan, Little Sister Kitty and Big Brother myna doing the Southern Lion Dance. Style is bright, graphic, with vivid colors, thick outlines and geometric shapes.
Digital painting of Mr Otter and Ms. Water Monitor doing the Southern Lion Dance. Style is bright, graphic, with vivid colors, thick outlines and geometric shapes.
Digital painting in a fuschia and dark blue theme, showing Shan Shan, Mr. Otter and Ms. Water Monitor admiring a cluster of blooming orchids. The style is slightly graphic, playing with outlines and positive/negative space.
Digital painting of Shan Shan emerging from a cluster or orchid blooms, again in a fuschia and dark blue theme. The auspicious Chinese phrase: A hundred flowers blooming in unison frames the top of the design.
Digital illustration showing a young girl with pigtails, Shan Shan, emerging from a few chrysanthemum blooms, with an auspicious chinese phrase above her. The color scheme is red/burgundy and navy blue on white with subtle texture on the color flats.
Digital illustration showing a little girl with a straight fringe and short pigtails, Shan Shan, taking in the fragrance of chrysanthemums in bloom for the new year, together with Little Sister Kitty. Big Brother Myna is perched on a sakura branch above, against a red sun/moon. The color scheme is red/burgundy and navy blue on white with subtle texture on the color flats.
Digital painting of a self-caricature with a bunch of my characters surrounding it. Shan Shan and Ms. Water Monitor are lounging at the top right of my head, while Mr. Otter peers out from behind my hair on the right. Little Sister Kitty is riding a blue dragon with flaming yellow hair that is flying out from the back to the front, freaking out two stray cats that are waiting for their meal by a girl who is a cat feeder. Zhen Fang from Whiff is smelling a sprig of curry leaves while a red fox pokes out from behind the head above her. There is a red bayam seedling growing from the the top of my head with roots growing into the hair.
Digital painting of a bunch of cats in a tropical garden with broadleaf plants, in a textured, graphic style. Some cats are hidden behind foliage or sitting behind metal grills and peering at the viewer, others have their backs facing the viewer looking into the garden. There are some pots of herbs in the foreground on the right.
Digital painting of an orange and white tabby cat with large green eyes peering at the viewer through broadleaf green/blue leaves, in a graphic, textured style.
Digital painting with a crayon-textured and geometric aesthetic, showing a woman wearing a pink mandarin collar blouse and blue shorts, with a wayward ponytail, standing and holding onto a grocery trolley behing her, with a street and some houses in the background with a bluish atmosphere
Digital painting of a bust-view of a woman with brown hair tied into a wayward pony tail looking at the viewer. She is wearing a pink mandarin collar blouse. In the background are blue angular shapes and a cat with grey fur and yellow eyes on the street.
Digital illustrated winter solstice greeting card in Mandarin, showing a young girl Shan Shan holding up a bowl of Tang Yuan, sticky glutinous rice balls in sweet soup with a sweet filing traditionally eaten during the winter solstice, as if offering it to the viewer. She is surrounded by the other characters from her universe, her animal-friends and mum, in colorful tang yuan-form.
Digital painting of a young girl in a purple tank top and light blue shorts feeding a group of stray cats. She is stroking one of the cats (brown with some tabby markings) who is feeding from a dish in front of her, while the other cats are gathering around and looking eagerly at the food.
Digital painting with chalk texture and batik-inspired style and motifs, of a dreamy, whimsical scene where a young girl with short curly hair, some tied in a tuft above her head, in a pale blue dress with a white sailor color, is floating and following a scent cloud that stretches across the page. Below her curry leaves, fruiting and flowering, are swaying, while a pot of curry and curry paste in a mortar and pestle float above the scent cloud, against a dark blue background of circular batik motifs.
Poster painting cut-out on a stick of a menacing Chinese dragon with blue scales, a yellow belly, sharp claws, and a flaming yellow and red mane, with gray smoke bellowing out of its nostrils.
Poster painting cut-out on a stick of a red fox sitting on its haunches. The shadows are a cool blue and its busy tail is curled around its legs.
Poster painting cut-out on a stick of a white hare, sitting on its haunches and looking three-quarters left
Poster painting cut-out on a stick of a red fox with nine-golden tails. The fox is looking admiringly at his tails
Poster painting cut-out on a stick of a common greenback frog, frontal three-quarter view in a resting pose
Simple spot digtal illustration of a common greenback frog from a frontal three-quarter view. The frog is in a resting position.
Digital painting close-up of a red fox, from its bust upward. The fox has its ears perked and is looking three-quarters to the left.
Digital painting master copy of the cover illustration of Chris Van Allsburg's The Sweetest Fig, showing a balding man with a sharp profile and wire-framed spectacles about to eat a quarter of a fig that he is holding up with his right hand. He is wearing a brown suit over a white shirt with a striped necktie, and holding a butterknife in another hand.
Digital painting of a poster for the International Compost Awareness Week 2023 poster design contest. It shows young red bayam plants growing above ground, next to a heap of foodwaste and brown matter in the process of being composted. Beneath the plants and compost heap, taking up most of the poster, is an underground view showcasing the root systems and mycorhizzal networks in the soil teeming with biology and life. The title reads 'For Healthier Soil, Healthier Food...Compost!' The word 'Compost!' in the title is formed using various soil creatures, like earthworms, nematodes, mushrooms and lizards.
Digital painting with chalk texture and batik-inspired style and motifs, of a close-up scene of a young girl with short curly hair, some tied up in a tuft on her head, rubbing tears off her face as a colorful scent cloud drifts pass her nose.
Digital painting of a person in a lilac shirt and khaki cargo pants wearing a beige farmer hat sitting on the ground leaning against a pile of soil/compost. She is holding a small lump of compost in her hands which is teeming with life like earthworms and insects. There chives growing behind her and banana leaves in the background overhead, as well as red bayam growing on the left, interspersed with some kailan seedlings. The roots of the plants can be seen going into the soil/compost which is teeming with biology (though not drawn to scale), and connected to a vast mycorrhizal network that runs throughout. There are earthworms, amoebae, bacteria, nematodes, protozoans, microarthropods, arthropods like springtails centipedes, milipedes, ants, cockroaches, beetles, and higher predators like a Javan myna and a house gecko, as well as some mushrooms sprouting out of the soil
Character design sheet of the Youth of Dawn, inspired by the bodhisattva Manjusri. It shows him in various poses with his blue lion steed (side view, sitting on the lion meditating, standing with his sword of flaming insight drawn, running through the dark woods, and taming a revealing a cat demon disguised as a beautiful woman with his demon-revealing mirror).
A two-page spread from 'Shan Shan Poo Poo!' (english version), showing Shan Shan holding her tummy and making a face as she gets the sudden urge to poop while her animal friends look on in surprise.
A two-page spread from 'Shan Shan Needs a Hug' (english version), showing Shan Shan asking Mr. Otter, who has just come out of the river having caught fish, for a hug. On the next page they hug next to the river.
A two-page spread from 'Shan Shan Has No Friends?' (english version), showing Shan Shan playing with Little Sister Kitty, who is sitting a top her head, and telling mom that Little Sister Kitty is her friend.
A two-page spread from 'Shan Shan and Big Brother Myna' (english version), showing Big Brother Myna trying to encourage Shan Shan to practise singing the song 'Mother Duck and her Ducklings' in the park
Book cover design (english version) of the third book in the series, Shan Shan and Big Brother Myna. It shows Shan Shan happily flapping her arms and singing along with Big Brother Myna amongst a grove of heliconia.
An ink drawing done for an on-the-spot NDP art competition organized by Our Tampines Hub. It features people wearing Singapore flag colours doing various activities at the Hub. In the bottom right corner a grandma and young girl are harvesting some Tuscany kale from the community garden. Behind them to the left are two boys playing soccer, and above them is a girl reading a book in the library. Two kids are participating in the art contest. A girl is drawing with her mother looking over her and a boy is proudly showing off his finished piece to his father. A female jogger is running along the Hub's jogging track lined with Singapore flags.
Book cover design (english version) of the first book in the series, Shan Shan and Ms. Water Monitor. It shows Shan Shan and Ms. Water monitor having a splash at the beach, looking happily at the viewer.
A two-page spread from 'Shan Shan and Mr. Otter' (english version), showing Shan Shan running towards Mr. Otter and greeting him in a park full of lush vegetation. Mr. Otter is holding a fish and squatting next to a river.
A digital painting of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac racing to the Jade Emperor's palace, with story text woven in explaining how each animal ended up in each position. The animals are drawn with traditional Chinese papercut motifs and rendered in a textured style.
A digital painting of jade rabbits racing along Chang-Er's silken sash towards the moon, to leap into Chang-Er's embrace. Chang-Er is standing on the moon on the bottom-right corner, while her sash flows across the picture against a galactic backdrop with colorful nebulae and twinkling stars. Chang-Er and her sash are aglow with a deity's light, while the celestial jade rabbits leave golden trails and balls of light behind them as they bound forward. The leading rabbit is just about to leap into Chang-Er's arms, which are outstretched. The second rabbit is bounding up with a determined expression on his face, while the third is sliding down a section of the silken sash, the fourth is standing before the slide in hesitation, and the fifth is trying hard to catch up.
Book cover design (english version) for 'Shan Shan Needs to Poo Poo'. The front cover shows a backview of Shan Shan sitting on the toilet bowl pooping as she looks to the left. On the back cover she sees the backsides of her animal friends, tails lifted and butts raised, all standing ready to poo.