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Walking the Lizard

March 09, 2022
Children's Books
A digital painting of a young girl with a bobbed haircut and in a pink T-shirt, skorts and sport shoes walking a monitor lizard by a leash, against a beautiful sunset of a seaside park. The lizard is wearing a collar with the name 'DOG' on it.

This painting was inspired by a whimsical little comic/picture book idea that crossed my mind. What would it be like to walk a wild and non-mammalian animal as if it were the most normal thing in the world? What sort of respect and care do we owe to wild creatures that we share the earth with but whom we do not tame as pets? The lizard looks happy and content at this point, or at least docile, and so does the owner, but at some point they both know that they will have to part, that the natural order of things will have to be restored. Let the wild things be wild - wild, and free.

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