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Shan Shan's World - Character Overview

June 16, 2022
Children's Books
Character Design
Overview of the 6 characters in the children's book project Shan Shan's World. Each character is waving at the viewer and saying hello with a soeech bubble over their head. Characters are: Mr. Otter, Ms. Water Monitor, Shan Shan, Big Brother Myna, Little Sister Kitty, and Ah Tin (Shan Shan' mom).

An overview of the characters from the two children's book series "Growing Up with Shan Shan" and "Shan Shan and Friends".

Mr. Otter: "Hey! I'm Mr. Otter!" Ms. Water Monitor: "Hi! I'm Ms. Water Monitor!" Shan Shan: "Hello! I'm Shan Shan!" Big Brother Myna: "Chireep! I'm Big Brother Myna!" Little Sister Kitty: "Meow! I'm Little Sister Kitty!" Ah Tin: "How do you do? I'm Ah Tin!"

Painted in Krita.

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