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Shan Shan and Friends Enjoying Cendol

June 29, 2022
Children's Books
A vector art illustration showing Shan Shan, a young girl with pig tails, a blue headband, and a brown-striped yellow T-shirt, sitting around a table at a beach with her animal friends, Mr. Otter, Ms. Water Monitor, Big Brother Myna and Little Sister Kitty. They are ogling at a bowl of cendol on the table which Shan Shan is holding. Mr. Otter is on her right, a look of curiousity and wonder at a smidge of cendol and coconut ice cream he has on his finger. Big Brother Myna is perched on Shan Shan's left shoulder grinning at the bowl of cendol, while Little Sister Kitty is trying to peer at the cendol with her fore paws on the table. Ms. Water Monitor is in the foreground also grinning at the cendol.

A vector art piece based on the June Inkscape Challenge, for which the prompt was "ice cream".

It's Shan Shan and her friends enjoying some dessert at the beach. The dessert they're ogling at is the delicious Southeast Asian shaved ice dessert, cendol, topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream (of course!)

Cendol (also spelt chendol) is a dessert made out of shaved ice topped with the eponymous green pandan-flavoured jelly, sweet red beans, gula melaka (coconut palm sugar, which is a rich brown color) and coconut milk. It's delicious enough on its own but ice-cream is always a plus ;)

Created with Inkscape.

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