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Our Tampines Hub

August 08, 2022
An ink drawing done for an on-the-spot NDP art competition organized by Our Tampines Hub. It features people wearing Singapore flag colours doing various activities at the Hub. In the bottom right corner a grandma and young girl are harvesting some Tuscany kale from the community garden. Behind them to the left are two boys playing soccer, and above them is a girl reading a book in the library. Two kids are participating in the art contest. A girl is drawing with her mother looking over her and a boy is proudly showing off his finished piece to his father. A female jogger is running along the Hub's jogging track lined with Singapore flags.

This was a piece I did for an on-the-spot art competition held at Our Tampinese Hub. It features the various activities that go on at the Hub, including a meta-reference to the art competition itself.

Took about 4 hours, drawn with markers and ink pens.

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