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Whiff - Excerpt 4

October 03, 2022
Children's Books
Digital painting with chalk texture and batik-inspired style and motifs, of a sequence of spot illustrations, against a background of dark blue with wavy textures and white circular batik motifs. In the first illustration a young girl with short, curly hair, some tied in a tuft above her head, is floating, following a cloud of scent, with arms outstretched as a white cat with a brown tail wearing a red harness comes bounding up joyfully towards her. In the second illustration, the girl kneels down in an embrace with the cat, while the scent cloud snakes around them, leading to the third illustration, where her mother and father also join in with the hug. The cat is a bit squeezed and uncomfortable.

Fourth excerpt from Whiff, a wordless picture book that I am working on that celebrates the fragrance and flavour of Southeast Asian cuisine and the herbs and spices used in it, along with the warmth of family evoked through food. The style is a combination of chalk-textured, representational rendering and batik-inspired outlines and motifs.

Painted in Krita.

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