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Opening scene from my webcomic Refu(SE/SL/GE), showing a slightly neurotic and psychedelic self-portrait, subtitled: 'In which I am moulded into a defective product for the marketplace of human labour'
Title scene from episode 4 of my webcomic Refu(SE/SL/GE), showing me grinning broadly as I hold a freshly harvested cucumber in my hands.
One of the scene from episode 5 of my webcomic Refu(SE/SL/GE), showing me sitting in front of my laptop, offering to help my mom harvest some veggies from the garden. Panel below shows sweet potato leaves growing luxuriantly.
One of the final scenes of my webcomic Refu(SE/SL/GE), showing me sitting half-buried in soil/compost, admiring the cucumber vines growing above me, surrounded by bittergourd, chilli, brinjal, and sweet potato plants, and the living, breathing soil.
Digital painting of characters from a webcomic about my adventures in Japan, featuring me and my cast of friends, two astonished Japanese salarymen, a senbei-hungry deer, two drunk Osaka dudes (one of whom has transformed into a whaleshark), a cute, fat seal from the aquarium, a shiba inu, a Japanese streetside chef, a sunfish flying through the sky, against a dusky backdrop with a torii gate
Page 1 of the 'Osaka Kaiyukan' episode of my webcomic, 'I Went to Japan', showing the various animals we see in the aquarium
Page 1 of the episode 'The Adventures of Bellilula - Shinjuku Batting Center' of my webcomic, 'I Went to Japan', telling the story of my friend's adventures as she tries to find her way to Shinjuku, and meets two friendly salarymen who she asks for directions.

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