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Symmetrical Chinese papercut showing two kittens and two rabbits standing amongst blooming flowers admiring a butterfly mid-flight. The kittens are looking at the butterfly playfully.
A pair of Chinese papercuts of white fortune beckoning cats with a dark spot on their foreheads. They are surrounded with cherry blossoms and are holding a scroll with the Chinese word for 'prosperity'
Pair of Chinese papercuts, each showing a rabbit bounding upwards amidst orchid blossoms
Pair of Chinese papercuts showing a rabbit bounding over a tabby cat, within a circular frame, with the Chinese character for 'Spring' in the center, amidst lush bamboo and palm foliage
A symmetrical Chinese papercut showing two tigers crouching, and a pun on an auspicious Chinese phrase: May the Five Prosperities Arrive at your Door
Chinese papercut of a tiger walking forward amidst blooming flowers
Chinese papercut with a rectangular frame; within it a tiger sits on the grass while lucky clouds roll overhead
Chinese papercut of a calf resting under the shade of cherry blossoms
Symmetrical Chinese papercut of two bulls standing amidst blooming flowers observing butterflies in flight
Pair of mirror-image Chinese papercuts, each showing a bull in charging position, with a huge peony blossoming above their arched backs.
A Chinese papercut within a rectangular frame, showing a bull standing proudly amongst grass and flowers, against a sky filled with lucky clouds.
Chinese papercut of a bull with a large flower around its neck, and a saddle with the Chinese word for 'lucky' as it proudly walks towards the right amidst blooming floweres.
Two mirror-image chinese papercuts of rats crouching and nibbling on food. Decorative flowers and the chinese words for lucky and auspicious adorn their legs and tail.
Chinese papercut of a smiling rat crawing along with its head arched upwards. A big peony blossoms behind its rear.
Chinese papercut of a rat sitting atop a pomelo with cherry blossoms all around
Chinese papercut of a rat prancing through the air amidst blooming cherry blossoms
Chiense papercut of a rat sitting on its haunches, forepaws raised as if looking up at something, with the Chinese word for 'prosperity' on its thigh, and flower motifs around.
Chinese papercut of a rat pausing mid-crawl to look back over its shoulder. Flower blossoms adorn its back and tail.
Symmetrical Chinese papercut with two rats sitting amongst big flower blossoms admiring butterflies in flight.
Chinese papercut of a rat leaping and pig flying through the air, with the arch of their bodies combining into an oval, adorned with peonies and lucky cloud patterns. The chinese word for 'Spring' sits in the center

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