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Digital painting and poster design for my storytelling sessions at Bedok Library. It shows a caricature of me, hands gesturing as I tell a story to an audeince of children. The speech bubble that comes from my mouth are filled with the colorful characters from my various stories, surrounding the poster title: Storytime with Jun Qi, in English and Mandarin
Digital painting of a poster for the International Compost Awareness Week 2023 poster design contest. It shows young red bayam plants growing above ground, next to a heap of foodwaste and brown matter in the process of being composted. Beneath the plants and compost heap, taking up most of the poster, is an underground view showcasing the root systems and mycorhizzal networks in the soil teeming with biology and life. The title reads 'For Healthier Soil, Healthier Food...Compost!' The word 'Compost!' in the title is formed using various soil creatures, like earthworms, nematodes, mushrooms and lizards.

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