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Digital painting master copy of the cover illustration of Chris Van Allsburg's The Sweetest Fig, showing a balding man with a sharp profile and wire-framed spectacles about to eat a quarter of a fig that he is holding up with his right hand. He is wearing a brown suit over a white shirt with a striped necktie, and holding a butterknife in another hand.
A digital painting photo study of a young girl with pale skin and long, wavy, blonde and pink hair, looking 3/4 and slightly down towards the camera. She is wearing a sleeveless black top and has olive-coloured eyes.
A digital painting photo study of a black lady with long frizzy hair, wearing a huge braided sunhat, off-white blouse, and orange-brown skirt, looking up to the left of the painting, with head partially obscured in the cast shadow of the hat, and fingers interlaced in front of her, against a pale ble sky
A digital painting photo study of a lady in a dark red blouse and dark blue trousers, squatting by a row of large ceramic pots and tending to the firewood beneath them.
A digital painting photo study of a lady weating a vivid green, purple and cream-coloured sari, with prints on her skirt, standing and waiting at a railway station
A digital painting photo study of a person with short, slightly curly hair, head facing the camera and angled slightly to their right. The right half of their head is in shadow and slightly obscured by bangs. They are wearing a long earring on their left ear and a multi-layered pearl necklace over a white shirt.
A digital painting photo study of a woman with long, straight black hair, wearing a black beret and corset, facing the camera with chin tilted slightly upwards and looking out of the corner of her eyes to her right.

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