Illustration of girl's head poking out of a bunch of ferns, holding up a stylus pen and painting streaks in the air, with rainbow-colored hair swirling around her head

Jun Qi

art and illustration

Latest Work

Shan Shan And Mr. Otter - Excerpt 1

A two-page spread from the second book, "Shan Shan and Mr. Otter", from the "Growing Up With Shan Shan" children's book series, part of the…

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A two-page spread from 'Shan Shan and Mr. Otter', showing Shan Shan running towards Mr. Otter and greeting him in a park full of lush vegetation. Mr. Otter is holding a fish and squatting next to a river.

Latest Project

Shan Shan's World - Children's Book Project

This is a Chinese children's picture book project that I'm working on as both an author and illustrator. There are two series in the works…

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Digital painting of a young girl with two short pigtails and a blue headband, wearing denim overalls, a yellow shirt and yellow sandals, waving towards the viewer. She is standing in a park with spider lilies and tall grass in the background, under a beautiful blue sky.

Work With Me

I am open for freelance illustration work, and am proficient in both realistic and graphic styles. I especially enjoy painting animals, plants, nature, and whimsical characters. If you're interested in working with me, drop me an email at and let's talk!

Illustration of a hand holding a stylus painting colorful streaks


I am an artist in transition. In my past life, I was a senior software developer and tech lead at a multinational software consultancy.

After taking some time off to explore my desultory interests and rediscover my creative spark, I am moving into art and illustration full-time.

Among other things, I enjoy FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software), ethical and alternative tech platforms, composting, growing plants, regenerating the soil, and reading. Thanks for dropping by!

Illustration of a girl peeking out from behind a bunch of ferns

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