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Illustration of a white siamese kitten with a disapproving look on his face and a scrawny-looking mother cat holding a sparrow in her mouth, with the title 'The Spoilt Little Kitten'

Ep.1 - The Spoilt Little Kitten

May 13, 2023

In this inaugural episode, I'm kicking off the podcast with the theme of "Mother's Love" in celebration of Mother's Day. This episode's story is an Indonesian folktale from the region of Aceh, which tells the story of a spoilt little kitten who goes on a journey to find a new mother, but ends up finding something he doesn't quite expect...

License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Summary: You are free to share and adapt this creative work under the following terms: you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made; you may not use this material for any commercial purposes; if you remix, transform, or build upon this material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

Show Notes

Aceh, where this story is from, is located on the northen end of the island of Sumatra. You can see it highlighted in red in the map below:

Map of Indonesia showing it's provinces and Aceh province in red

The carabao is one of the characters in the story, and is a type of water buffalo found throughout Southeast Asia. Here's a photo of a carabao:

Photo of carabao standing in a lake with rocks

Rattan is another one of the characters in the story. Rattan is actually the name for a group of climbing palms, and their stems are often harvested and weaved into products like baskets and furniture. Here's a photo of a rattan palm:

Photo of a juvenille rattan plant in a forest understory

And here's a photo of baskets and furniture made with rattan:

Photo of rattan containers and furniture in the Philippines


  • Theme music - 《叉叉腰》(Hands on hips) - composed by Jun Qi

  • Cover art by Jun Qi

  • Show notes:

    • Map of Aceh in Indonesia from Wikimedia Commons by user TUBS
    • Photo of a carabao from Wikimedia Commons by user TheCoffee
    • Photo of rattan palm from Wikimedia Commons by user Obsidian Soul
    • Photo of rattan baskets and furniture from Wikimedia Commons by user Obsidian Soul
  • Sound effects:

    • Magic sound effect by joo_yy from Pixabay
    • Cat meow sound effect by joo_yy from Pixabay
    • Cute cat meowing sound effect by felipeborges from Pixabay
    • Campfire crackling sound effect by SoundsForYou from Pixabay
    • Fire burning sound effect by Pixabay
    • Tropical jungle nature sounds by Placidplace from Pixabay
    • Birds in the forest on a sunny day sound effect by Kosmoso from Pixabay
    • Icebreaker sound effect by SounReality from Pixabay
    • (Not used) Smooth cold wind sound effect by Shut_Up_Ghost from Pixabay
    • Wind in forest sound effect by teadrinker from Pixabay
    • Big basey stomps sound effect from Pixabay
    • Stomp sound effect by 000600 from Pixabay
    • Buffalo sound effect from SoundDino
    • Rustling leaves sound effect by Kinoton from Pixabay
    • Chitter sound effect by taure from Pixabay
    • Mouse squeaks sound effect by shyguy014 from Pixabay
    • Stomach rumble sound effect by yrdn from Pixabay
    • Ding! Idea sound effect by Saya13 from Pixabay
    • Cat running on dry grass sound effect from SoundDino
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