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The Youth of Dawn - Character Design

August 29, 2022
Character Design
Character design sheet of the Youth of Dawn, inspired by the bodhisattva Manjusri. It shows him in various poses with his blue lion steed (side view, sitting on the lion meditating, standing with his sword of flaming insight drawn, running through the dark woods, and taming a revealing a cat demon disguised as a beautiful woman with his demon-revealing mirror).
Final character sheet
WIP breakdown of the character sheet
WIP breakdown
Digital oil painting portrait of the Youth of Dawn (close-up of his face, looking to the left, with a slight smile and his right palm raised to chest in a meditative stance)
Close-up digital oil portrait

A character design sheet for the August SVS Critique Arena Challenge, based on the prompt "Superhero". The character is inspired by the bodhisattva Manjusri, regarded as one of the four great bodhisattvas in the Chinese Buddhist tradition, and sometimes also known as "Manjusri, Still a Youth".

The third image is a close-up digital oil portrait of The Youth, a chance to test out Krita 5's wet impasto brush bundle, and practice painting semi-realistic portraits from imagination.

Painted in Krita.

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