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Big Brother Myna Character Design

June 09, 2022
Children's Books
Character Design
The final character sheet
Initial sketches for Big Brother Myna's character

This is the character design model sheet for the Big Brother Myna, who is a Javan Myna, and another one of the characters from the two children's book series "Growing Up with Shan Shan" and "Shan Shan and Friends"

Big Brother Myna: A spritely little Javan Myna, who often hangs about atree outside Shan Shan's window, chirping and twittering and singing his little heart out. He's also usually hopping amongst the grass on the ground floor of the HDB flat or at the nearby park, looking for little critters to eat.

Painted in Krita.

Jun Qi - Art & Illustration

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