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Mr. Otter Character Design

May 20, 2022
Children's Books
Character Design
The final model sheet
WIP sketches of Mr. Otter's character sheet.
Color/rendering study of Mr. Otter, placed next to Shan Shan for size reference. Final design was tweaked after this as I realized this wasn't as stylized as I wanted him to look and his head was too small in proportion to Shan Shan's.
Ideation sketches for Mr. Otter's character

This is the character design model sheet for Mr. Otter (水獭先生), one of the characters from the two children's book series "Growing Up with Shan Shan" and "Shan Shan and Friends"

Mr. Otter: A smooth-coated otter who likes to roam about a park near Shan Shan's home, and frequently swims and catches fish in the small river flowing through the park. Although he's already grown up and has left his family and started living independently, he's still quite a childish and timid young otter.

Painted in Krita.

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