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Ah Tin (Shan Shan's mom) Character Design

May 25, 2022
Children's Books
Character Design
The final character sheet
Initial sketches for Ah Tin's character

This is the character design model sheet for the Ah Tin (阿珍), Shan Shan's mom, and another one of the characters from the two children's book series "Growing Up with Shan Shan" and "Shan Shan and Friends"

Ah Tin: A hardworking and capable working mum who has to face the stress of raising a kid, running a household and working a job all at once. She loves Shan Shan deeply, but sometimes she gets so stressed that she grows short-tempered. Nonetheless, playing with her daughter always helps her rediscover the tiny pleasures of life.

Painted in Krita.

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