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Chinese New Year Papercuts

Symmetrical Chinese papercut showing two kittens and two rabbits standing amongst blooming flowers admiring a butterfly mid-flight. The kittens are looking at the butterfly playfully.

This is a project and a ritual I started in 2020, which was the The Year of the Rat and the beginning of a new cycle of the Chinese zodiac. I make it a point to create Chinese papercuts every year before the new year for decorating the house.

I am also slowly building up, year-by-year, a zodiac wall in my house. Every year, when I change the papercuts for the new year, I'll leave just one papercut of the perious zodiac animal behind on this wall. If I can keep this up till 2032, I'll have the full 12 animals of the zodiac crawling along my wall.

The designs are all original and the pieces are hand-cut.


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