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Feeding Time - Illustration Series

Digital painting of a bunch of cats in the garden. The style is textured and shapes are very stylized, while the overlaps between the cats and the background are coloured so that there is an almost ghostly effect. The main colors are teals and pinks.

A series of illustrations based on a picture book concept I've been toying with, about people who feed the neighbourhood strays. I submitted some illustrations from this project for the 3x3 International Illustrational Show 20 and was selected as an Honorable Mention.


Illustration of a woman putting out plates of cat food and cats crowding around her
Illustration of a woman pulling a trolley on a road past houses and trees and a trail of cats following her
Illustration of various cats in different postures.
Illustration of a woman pulling a trolley on a road and a bunch of cats following her
Digital painting of a bunch of cats in a tropical garden with broadleaf plants, in a textured, graphic style. Some cats are hidden behind foliage or sitting behind metal grills and peering at the viewer, others have their backs facing the viewer looking into the garden. There are some pots of herbs in the foreground on the right.
Digital painting of an orange and white tabby cat with large green eyes peering at the viewer through broadleaf green/blue leaves, in a graphic, textured style.
Digital painting with a crayon-textured and geometric aesthetic, showing a woman wearing a pink mandarin collar blouse and blue shorts, with a wayward ponytail, standing and holding onto a grocery trolley behing her, with a street and some houses in the background with a bluish atmosphere